“CoinField Coin” (CFC) a Unique New Coin offered by a Global Crypto & Fiat Exchange, is Announced by CoinField Exchange for Reduced Crypto Investing & Trading Fees as well as to enhance Food Security in Africa

TALLINN, Estonia, Nov. 30, 2021 — European cryptocurrency exchange CoinField has announced the launch of its native Coin “CoinField Coin” (CFC) also known as Field Coin.

The CoinField Coin (CFC) will play a central role in CoinField’s ecosystem across the 186 countries in which CoinField operates including in Nigeria, Africa where CoinFields strategic partner, Tingo Mobile PLC, a Subsidiary of USA based Tingo Inc, OTC Markets Publicly Traded as IWBB, is Africa’s largest agri-fintech with almost 10 million customers in Nigeria, Africa.

Coins from centralized crypto exchanges are popular because, unlike the vast majority of crypto coins and tokens, these coins have a verifiable use case: they allow lower-cost access to trading crypto, fiat and, more rarely, other goods and services.

Coin Field Coin will be in a unique position because together CoinField and strategic partner Tingo have over $20 billion a year in transactions that could make use of the CoinField Coin.

The CoinField Coin (CFC) is a utility coin with a limit of one billion coins (1,000,000,000).

These one billion Coinfield (CFC) will be created, never to be increased. CFC will offer many benefits to its holders and can be used to pay any fees on the CoinField platform, including the exchange fees, withdrawal fees, listing fees and many more. CFC will also be used as a reward for CoinField’s Partner, Referral and Staking programs. Not to mention the fact that CFC will be a part of Nwassa trading platform used by Tingo’s almost 10 million customers and related food and agriculture trading platforms.

10% of the one billion CoinField coins (100 million coins) will be donated to charities, particularly those that support farmers, and to create new and novel innovations for growing food and improving the nutritional quality of food.

The public CoinField Coin’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) will start on December 7th, 2021, with an initial quantity of up to 300,000,000 CFC for sale. CFC will cost $1 per unit on the Initial offering and be available to exist Coinfield Users at a discount in the pre-sale period from November 29th to December 6th 2021.

The CoinField Coin (CFC) Whitepaper is available to download at www.CoinField.com.

The CoinField Coin (CFC) has sparked interest in surveys of prospective coin holders because CoinField plans to expand its current ecosystem with many ambitious projects, including unique and unmatched projects for good security as well as the increasingly popular NFT marketplace and exploration of the GameFi domain.

On Wednesday, November 10, 2021, CoinField processed $61 million in trades and projects about $17 billion in trades for calendar 2021, making it a medium-sized exchange, allowing for better security and customer satisfaction than the largest exchanges while still offering the greater economies of scale and scope than smaller exchanges.

The companies goal is to increase trading volume 10x in 2022 compared to 2021.

CoinField will also issue CFC on different blockchains to make its ecosystem interoperable with major crypto ecosystems.

The CoinField development team plans to create its own CFC blockchain. The chain will consist of DEX and DeFis.

Alex Lightman the author of the Coinfield White Paper sees the Coinfield Coin making the world a better place as well as serving the needs of crypto buyers and sellers to reduce the cost of trading

“As a crypto user, I love saving money by using crypto exchange coins, but I got fed up with the bad security, getting my accounts locked for months, terrible customer service and lack of empathy with people who are cheated by hyperinflation. I also feel as though every new coin should be a chance to give to charity and make the world a better place. The CoinField coin is not only going to make it less expensive to do trades in 186 countries on what I believe is the most secure crypto and fiat exchange on earth but will also enhance and preserve buying power for buyers and sellers of food in Africa. Our partnership with Tingo has the potential to do more good for farmers and families in the developing world than any other crypto project. If and when people buy the Coinfield coin and it goes up, we have that much more we can provide in charitable contributions, and Greening the desert and innovating 21st-century agriculture. I wrote my first paper on greening the desert while I was at MIT in the fall of 1980, so I have been thinking about this for 41 years,” said Alex Lightman.

About CoinField:

CoinField is a European centralized crypto-to-fiat exchange and virtual currency wallet system supervised by the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) under license numbers FVT000111. Their headquarter is located in Tallinn, Estonia, with multiple global offices. CoinField is a reliable trading engine on a mission to broaden its horizons worldwide.

Their trading platform and its mobile application are available to trade 24/7. For more information, please visit https://www.coinfield.com.
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