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Cryptocurrency bandwagon

Even if you haven’t jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, there’s little doubt you’ve heard of Bitcoin. Nearing its first decade as the progenitor of the crypto revolution around the world, it is one of the biggest success stories of the last 10 years, climbing in value by 2000% in 2017 alone and topping CAD$10,000 recently.

As the fear of missing out, (FOMO) surges in investors, interest in Bitcoin (BTC) has never been higher. For those wishing to buy, sell, or trade Bitcoin in Canada, this guide will walk you through the steps without bogging you down in too much techno babble.

Buying Cryptocurrency

The competition is thick when it comes to cryptocurrency exchanges in Canada. As the new form of digital cash begins to solidify as a legitimate investment class, and blockchain technology finds more and more homes in corporate landscapes, more Canadians are seeking entry into the market. Cryptocurrency can be a treacherous market to enter as it is not always easy to understand nor gain access to it.

Whether you want to buy Bitcoin or are interested in one of the smaller cryptocurrencies on the market, this article will help you find the best Canadian crypto exchanges.

Buy Cryptocurrency with Interac

The most obvious strength of using Interac e-Transfers to buy bitcoin is that you can tie your credit or debit account directly to the bitcoin exchange you plan to use. A platform like CoinField favors using Interac or a wire transfer to fund your online wallet for purchasing bitcoin.

An Interac e-Transfer allows you to use your email address and online access to your bank account to send money quickly and securely. Once you’ve made the request, your financial institution and the one you’re sending your money to will make the transfer rapidly.
One such way to ensure this is buy using an Interac e-Transfer.

Go ALT with XRP

While Bitcoin continues to dominate public conversation when it comes to cryptocurrency, its high price makes it an unattainable access for most beginning investors. Fortunately, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency with a bright future. In fact, one of the chief assets predicted to have long-term success is also one of the least-expensive in the present crypto environment: Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is the name of both an actual cryptocurrency as well as the platform it operates on; a blockchain concept much like those used by Bitcoin and Ethereum.